Litco has been appointed as an exclusive agent of ‘Bulkliner’ in the South East Asia, a well-known and approved brand in the Flexi Bag industry worldwide.

Flexi-bags (also called flexi-tanks) offer an alternative to ISO Tank Containers for shipping oils, juices, wines, food-grade liquids and non-hazardous chemicals across the globe.Flexi bags are usually loaded into 20 feet containers for maritime transport

It has a capacity to carry liquid cargo from 16,000 - 24,000 litres per bag. In addition to being ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, Halal and Kosher certified, the Flexitanks also comply with the Container Owners Association’s(COA) ‘Flexitank code of Practice’ and PAS 1008-2016 guidelines. Litco has the expertise in handling flexi bags and takes the highest degree of safety measures to ensure safe and sound delivery of cargo. Along with Flexi bags we can provide loading services (Container dressing), cargo stuffing etc. at Shipper’s premises

Our expertise reflects our knowledge to access critical shipment, optimum time efficiency, cost saving and service thus enhancing opportunities for our customers.